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One of the things I like to do is to buy appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures when I find them cheap. I don’t wait until I have a project.  The problem with waiting until you need them, you are at the mercy of the store.  What I find is, if you go to Lowe’s the district manager will come in and tell the store manager that he wants to change the store layout on Monday so get rid of these clearance appliances and fixtures by Monday.  The store manager then marks down the items and puts them in the aisle.  So Saturday morning there are these items lined up in the aisles that are good deals a lot of time.  Another place to look is the end-cap (the end of an aisle) and look for the clearance items.  What I do is walk the store and when I see something that I want like a $900 dishwasher for $100, I buy it and put it in my storage unit.  When a dishwasher goes out in one of my rental houses, I have a replacement that was purchased cheap and not in the heat of need.  There are several advantages to using Lowe’s; one is that when the items are clearance items they are still covered under warranty. At Depot on the other hand many of their clearance items are “as is” no warranty.

An example of what you get is in these pictures.

clearance dishwasher
clearance dishwasher


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